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In 1977 was the Summer of Sam, Elvis died, Star Wars debuted in theaters and David Kavika Pursley was born. I began my 25 year journey in video game development at 18, as the youngest artist Blizzard Ent. has ever hired. After Diablo and Starcraft, I continued kicking ass at the companies and projects below, innovating and raising the team quality expectation through example.

Personal ventures include: starting a local arts gallery, starting a VR Horror Attraction and most recently, starting a Tiki Mug brand. I have murals in Vegas, Japan and Anaheim. Though self taught, I have been a college instructor.

I feel very grateful to have always been able to work on and with the newest technology to create the future of entertainment. I love new technology and new applications of it. I can't wait for the next challenges/opportunities to entertain.

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